Reimagining Recycled Glass | Point Five

Here at South Drawn, we’re always trialling and refining different ideas. Experimentation is at the core of what we do. 

Luke from South Drawn here with our latest product launch, Point Five, and a bit of the story behind this ambient wall sconce, made from recycled glass. 

A closed loop material, glass that isn’t coloured can be remelted without losing its physical or chemical properties. Point Five is made out of about half a kilo of glass shards, retrieved from the copious offcuts produced in our local manufacturer’s workshop. 

We were inspired by the opportunity to work closely with our manufacturers to create a new variation of recycled glass, through an intentional exploration and prototyping process. 

Recycled Glass - A Unique Look

As you’ll know, the look of recycled glass is distinctive—often characterised by small bubbles that form from the trapped air. Manufacturers usually work to remove as many as possible within the firing process, and much of the air naturally escapes, although some bubbles inevitably remain.   

Interestingly, when our material exploration began and the samples were presented, we found ourselves most drawn to the samples that had bubbles. This serendipitous outcome led us to test methods in which we could increase, and influence, the number and scale of the bubbles captured in the glass.

Glass is a fluid material that always throws a few curve balls when testing new methods. But what resulted really showcased the raw beauty that can be tapped when reimagining this sustainable material. 

Ambient Details

The air bubbles, large and small, of Point Five imbue the glass with a unique aesthetic beyond standard, off-the-shelf options. Its textural quality also gives a naturally warm light emission, which suits the light’s purpose as a decorative wall sconce, where we’re looking to achieve more of an ambient mood light for the spaces they occupy.

Being IP44 rated, it can be placed in wet areas like a bathroom or kitchen. Whether clustered in groups or featured in refined, small spaces, I wanted to achieve an intimate feel with this piece, and for the finer details to be the focal point in the design. 

Point Five Sconce against a rock background

Yours for the taking

Speaking of details, we had a bit of fun with the fastener mechanism—I wanted some sort of element of personality, a distinctive feature, or an interaction between the user and the glass piece when it was being installed. It also needed to be something robust that could keep the heavy glass piece on the wall. 

One of the ideas we explored was the tensile strength in metals, which offer that interplay through the natural tension they embody. 

The split pin, spring clip detail we landed on was a perfect fit for the piece. Creating an elegant point of difference in the design, it’s robustly functional while bringing a delicate aesthetic to the light’s appearance. 

View the Point Five Wall Sconce here, or enquire with us here.

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