A key characteristic of South Drawn’s designs can be attributed to an enduring curiosity in materials. 

Design director Luke is often tinkering with his growing library of material offcuts or teasing out ideas through sketching. As he offers, “I like to understand the nuances of the materials I’m working with, so I spend a lot of my time working with our local artisans and manufacturers.”

The studio is a place of inventiveness, openness and creativity. “A lot of our designs are founded on studio experimentation,” Luke shares, adding that “rejected materials or failed experiments often influence the design of a piece.” 

Nature also plays a role in the inspiration of the South Drawn collections – the colours, textures and raw materials offering a constant source of influence. This muse is one that is highly valued in-house, as it reflects the adventure-seeking, outdoor-loving lifestyle shared by its founders, Luke and Christian Mills.

This experimental and organic approach has garnered South Drawn an authentic and unified collection of products, which convey a consistent identity imbued with an upbeat yet restrained energy.

Photography by Daniel Mallia & Embile Studio

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