A special release from Southdrawn - the Moss Green Mantel

Here at South Drawn, we’re always trialling and refining different ideas. Experimentation is at the core of what we do. 

Experimentation leads us to new discoveries, helps sharpen our craft, and keeps things interesting – for you and us.

The result of our latest experimentation: a limited edition Moss Green stain finish for our Mantel collection, meticulously custom-made in-house by our creative director, Luke, and industrial designer, Arthur. 

Luke wanted to reimagine the luxury linear pendant light with a rich, natural, coloured stain that would vibrantly enhance the timber’s unique character.

He’d worked with coloured oil stains for several earlier personal projects, but the Mantel is South Drawn’s debut into this unique timber finish.

Mixing stains for the Mantel

Rolling up our sleeves

 So, Luke and Arthur got to work in the pursuit of a winning custom stain. Out came an ensemble of tins containing different-coloured natural, oil-based stains, and because they’re applied to the timber by hand, on went the gloves. As someone on our Instagram pointed out, the gloves had seen better days!

As for colour selection, the South Drawn way is to lean into what we like and would want in our own homes or other spaces, and that was our process as we chose a number of colours to trial. 

We experimented with red, blue and green, mixing the stains to achieve the desired colour tones and assessing them by eye after applying them to the timber. It takes two coats to really see the colour cemented, but some of the experimentation involved adding darker tones to achieve more depth.

Winning combinations

Over on our Instagram stories, we then put the three trialled stains to a vote, and you let us know that our green finish was the clear favourite. 

The pairing of nature’s most iconic shade with oak timber imbues the Mantel with a calming and grounding presence while drawing out the beautiful depth and natural grain detail of the wood – your choice of Tasmanian or American oak.

The raw aged brass end lugs complement its industrial form and earthy tones, making this piece a good match for any space. The mantel features aluminium accents while adding warmth and texture to the interior design.

One piece, many lives

It’s an exciting aspect of our work—discovering how one versatile design can transform entirely with various finishes and hardware, allowing it to translate uniquely across different contexts.

Each variation is like another life for the piece. 

But equally, a wonder of design is how the same finish can be interpreted and incorporated in endless ways. 

Whether hung above a kitchen island, dining table, pool table, or bar, the Mantel 60 has a traditional form that will endure through the years, continually enriching and inspiring your space.

Pair the Muted Green finish with indoor plants and velvet green dining chairs or against a backdrop of textured splashback tiles, while tying it in with an array of sofa cushions. Or, keep your Mantel as the only punch of green in your space.

The Moss Green Mantel 60

Yours for the taking

For those who love limited edition pieces, this bespoke-finish linear pendant may be the unique piece you’re looking for. For others, perhaps you simply won’t be able to get the Moss Green colour out of your head.

We’ve only made five, so if you want to get your hands on one, enquire here.

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