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Meet The Founders. A Partnership Formed On The Pursuit Of Adventure.

The tale of this joint venture starts with Lumil, the successful lighting brand launched by Luke in 2016. With Christian coming on board in 2020, the brothers decided to rebrand the business, incorporating the new partnership and their vision for an experimental lighting studio. And so, South Drawn was born.  

With a portfolio specialising in high-end lighting, Luke’s role in the business is that of Design Director. His exploratory approach to materials is heavily influenced by nature and the creative exploitation of found forms or textures within the natural landscape. 

 The duo is well balanced as Christian heads up the production and logistics, working alongside the local artisans and manufacturers who help to create South Drawn’s unique product range. His expertise is best appreciated when observing his approach to rid the chaff and streamline the assembly of each piece. 

Mesh Light Sample Shelf
Making Of Tiles
Sand Tile Linear Assembly
No.10 Glass Production

Every piece we design and produce at South Drawn has its own unique story of conception.

We seek inspiration everywhere in new or familiar contexts, materials, techniques, or forms, and by way of exploration, adaptation, experimentation, and imagination. Our process is adventurous and unrestrained, and the sense of discovery is ever-unfolding as each creation is brought to life.

Complimenting our ethos of adventurous design is a solid respect for traditional materials and long-established manufacturing techniques, which form the core of our practice. South Drawn also works with a range of local industry suppliers and producers whose expertise helps to shape our collections. With this as our foundation, each and every South Drawn lighting product is an excellent example of truly local Australian design.

Collaboration is at the heart of good design.

At South Drawn we foster a strong team culture, where designs are collaboratively resolved and strengthened piece by piece. In this way, being a design-led company is about more than the product we make; it’s about the process too. Each sketch, plot, and prototype is discussed from every angle and crafted to perfection, with this collaborative approach extending to how we work with our manufacturing partners and clients.

When creating a bespoke lighting project for a key client, we aim to interpret your vision and develop unique designs that have an enduring appeal. This also applies to production as we partner with suppliers and manufacturers who share our belief in the simple notion that the best things are made with care and built to last.

Concept Drawing Meeting
Workshop Meeting

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